Kid Film was created after the success of picture “Crows” (Wrony). The movie was directed by Dorota Kędzierzawska and photographed was by Arthur Reinhart. Kid Film Limited Company was registered in the end of 1995 in Warsaw.



The main aim of Kid Film is production of truly ambitious pictures addressing sensitive and “seeking” spectators. We would like to provoke dialogue and intellectual discussion, but we do not want to give easy answers.  The other important issue is visual approach, which interferes the story and vice versa. We would like to take the spectator to aesthetic trip to spheres a little bit higher than everyday life. Cinema is the part of art, which enables to feel inexpressible. Going to real cinema should be a fest. No matter if this will be moments of happiness and joy or sadness and pain.




“Nothing” (Nic)  fiction - drama, cinema release 2003

“I am” (Jestem)  fiction - drama, cinema release 2005

“Time To Die” (Pora umierac)  fiction - drama, cinema release 2007

“ Tomorrow will be better” (Jutro bedzie lepiej)  fiction - drama,cinema release 2010

“ Another World” (Inny Świat)  documentary, cinema release 2014


 Current projects in Post-production:

"Speedway" (Żużel)


Current projects in Development:


“Heaven Hell” (Piekło niebo)


Dorota Kędzierzawska

Director, Writer
Producer, Cinematographer